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Todd Hedrick will facilitate the team sorting clinic on Friday:

Born and raised in Michigan, Todd's love of horses began before he can even remember. After much pleading his Dad bought him his first pony at the age of 5 and his love for horses grew from there. Todd spent the next 30 years riding and learning from his horses. Then 12 years ago he was introduced to the sport of Team Penning and Sorting and his passion just grew from there. Todd's ability to read and understand the horses as well as his love of teaching them to perform at a new level has flourished. He began breaking and training young colts and then introducing them to cow work , through Team penning and Sorting. If you go to just about any cow event around Mid-Michigan you are sure to see several horses competing that were started by Todd. Todd will tell you, "You never stop learning, the horse will teach you something new every time you are in the saddle." Todd continues to focus on breaking, starting and selling our young prospect horses.


Brian Bannerman will do a barrel racing clinic on Saturday.

Brian is a native of this area and his pursuit of education in the horse industry has taken him all over much of the Nation. Brian has a very multi faceted background, and has rode and studied in almost every seat and discipline in the horse industry. He has made his pursuit of equine knowledge a lifelong committment and continually strives to learn from each horse and from each professional that has a new approach to training techniques. Brian is very proud to have studied under such greats as Chuck Grant(dressage), Stuart Henkins(starting colts), Wes Wetherell (Western Pleasure), Paxton Mendelson (hunters) Jerry Fuller (Saddle Seat) Stanley White (Arabians), and countless others who have had a influence on his program. Brian possesses a desire to bring out the best in each horse and rider, and truly strives to dwell on the positive, rather than fixate on the negative. He believes that a happy and willing horse learns quicker and stays productive longer than a horse that is pigeon holed into a frame that they are not comfortable with. Brian continually strives to produce confidence in riders, rather than destroy it. He feels that his job is to help owners be able to ride their own horses and keep them fixed, rather than just make them so that the trainer can ride. Brian has won 7 World Championships, 11 Reserve World and National Championships, many hi point in the nation titles, 100's of State Titles, Congress Championships, Trainer of the Year awards, and has coached and trained many, many, Youth and Amateur Champions. Brian has written articles that have been published in Horse & Rider, Appaloosa News, and many state publications. Brian was instrumental in organizing the very first High School Interscholastic Horsemanship Meets, and it gives him great pride to see the magnitude and force this endeavor has blossomed into. Brian is very active in instructing many local High School teams to this day.

Daily tickets:  $8.00 at the door; $6.00 with advanced purchase;
4-H, High School Rodeo and Equestrians Teams tickets are $5.00

Weekend Pass: $20.00 at the door: $15.00 with advanced purchase;
4-H, High School Rodeo and Equestrian Teams $12.00

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Anke Lendeckel,M.Sc., ESMT, CMT

Anke is founder of Nature's Rehab, LLC, a full service lay up care facility.  She moved to the United States in 1989 after graduating with a Master's Degree in Animal Science from Germany. Anke became certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy in 1999 through Equissage in Virginia and keeps learning and applying more non-invasive alternative therapies to horses and dogs. She is certified as a Canine Massage Therapist as well.  Anke is also able to provide mobiles services throughout Mid-Michigan.

Bill Thomas

Bill is a true cowboy, he loves everything horse related from working cow horses to the trail riding, set up camp, and ride out when the sun comes up. He was born with a gift with understanding horses and horsemanship. From the time he was 10 years old and showing at local horse shows people could see his gift and would pay him $1.00 to ride their horses around. That was pretty good money to a 10 year old ( he would have done it for free)!

Bill started to become a real competitor in reining in 1986. As a youth showman he was the State Youth Reining Champion on a horse called “Robert Gun”. After winning the State he went on to show “Robert Gun” in Tulsa Oklahoma. Bill Jr won the first saddle ever presented to a youth by the NRHA on “Robert Gun”.


Andrew Terryah of AT Show Horses

Andrew Terryah Show Horses is conveniently located in Grand Blanc, Michigan with easy access to all major highways in the area. At Terryah Show Horses, they specialize in training and showing APHA and AQHA show horses in the Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, and All-Around events, as well as recgonized reining events. Terryah Show Horses will prepare and show your horse to the best of its ability.

Karen Waite

Karen Waite is an Equine Extension Specialist in Michigan and teaches and advises Equine students in the MSU Department of Animal Science. In her Extension roles she coordinates the Adult Equine Extension program, the Michigan Equine Survey, and is the Director of Leadership Development for My Horse University. In addition, she oversees the Youth Equine Extension program and is active with eXtension Horse Quest. Her teaching responsibilities include a variety of equine courses and she coaches the MSU Horse Judging Team, and is faculty advisor to the MSU Equestrian team and Horsemen’s Association. Karen is also oversees the Michigan 4-H PEP Program, for riders with disabilities. Further, Karen is the Vice President of the American Youth Horse Council and is a carded judge with the ABRA. With Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and Animal Science, and a Master’s Degree in Animal Science with a nutrition emphasis, Karen is presently working on a Doctoral degree in Sports Psychology with an emphasis on equestrian sport and activity.


Steve Shaver

Steve Shaver of Turner, Michigan operates Equine Dental Services, providing quality dental care for horses throughout Michigan and surrounding states. He has owned and been involved with horses since he was 6 years old with more than 40 plus years experience. After A 17 year career in Law Enforcement, including as a mounted police officer, an injury caused him to look for a new occupation. After noticing the lack of trained equine dental professionals, he decided that this would allow him to work with the animals he has been involved with his whole life. He is a Graduate of the American School of Equine Dentistry in Purcelleville, Virginia, one of three Equine Dental Schools in the country.